Southern Africa is an incredibly diverse region with varying weather, landscapes, cultures, and wildlife. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan jewel surrounded by Dutch colonial towns and breathtaking coastlines. The Eastern Cape boasts Malaria-free game reserves and stunning scenery. Durban is the gateway to the white sand beaches and tropical waters of Kwazulu Natal, and Kruger National Park and its adjacent private reserves remain one of the best places to guarantee sightings of Big Five.

As the cold Atlantic Ocean meets the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, so too are the rich heritage of South Africa’s tribal cultures blended with modern cosmopolitan flair, creating a country as unique to the world as it is to Africa. South Africa is an excellent location for individuals who wish to combine safari with epicurean outings, active adventures, or multiple safari countries. It is a family-friendly destination and excellent for first-time safari go-ers.

This safari is customized to take advantage of the best opportunities for the season to observe the diverse wildlife in extremely rich habitat areas. Your camp is situated in a private concession where you have access to exclusive wilderness, off-road driving, night drives, walking, and boating. These areas have a small number of guests traversing extremely large areas ensuring exclusive game viewing without the interference of hordes of other vehicles. The ability to go off-road creates opportunities for incredibly close viewing of predators. The camps selected enhance the game-viewing experience through their emphasis on top quality guides and trackers, which greatly increases your chance of finding unique wildlife sightings. The areas are beautiful with great variety of habitats and species, you will likely see between 30 and 35 different mammal species along with a spectacular array of birds and other wildlife.


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