7 Mar 2019 - 17 Mar 2019

The Wild Source Big Cat & Migration Safaris have produced Epic results for both quantity and quality of big cat viewing, along with a full diversity of amazing wildlife. We have developed an extraordinary formula that is unsurpassed.

Legendary Guiding & Wildlife Biologists

This safari is built around the guiding! The guides are the most important factor for any safari. Their passion fuels the experience, and their knowledge enlightens guests as they share a different world with their guests - one that is filled with charismatic creatures and nature's secrets.

In Tanzania, this safari is led by famed Deo Magoye, the Director of The Wild Source Tanzania along with Sosy Maira, who is in his 6th year of studying the big cats of the Ndutu and Serengeti region (he is also an exceptional guide having learned from Deo). His knowledge of the individual big cats and their behaviors is unrivaled. Even the long-standing Serengeti Cheetah Project comes to our team for Ndutu cheetah data since we have become the authorities on cheetah in the region.

When you move on to Kenya's Masai Mara you will be guided by legends, Ping Nkukuu and Paul Kurui. Ping and Paul were both named to Conde Nast's top 25 Guides in Africa list. Ping has earned legendary status for his incredible ability to predict big cat action. Paul is the Chairman of the Kenya Guides Association and well known for his work with BBC's Big Cat Diaries Live show and for guiding filmmakers of Disney Nature's African Cats.

Exceptional Locations at the Right Time

This safari begins with time in Tarangire National Park; the Manyara Ranch Conservancy, where we can partake in walking safaris, night drives and cultural interactions; and the incredible Ngorongoro Crater.

The Ndutu/Serengeti and the Masai Mara Region is an incredible natural system that still functions and supports the full range of wildlife. The great migration is often called the greatest wildlife show on earth, and is amazing evidence that life thrives here as we often see animals to the horizon in all directions.

Beginning in mid-February, some 400,000 wildebeest calves are born during a three week period. This irruptive birthing is an evolutionary strategy to overwhelm predators - no place and time are the opportunities higher to observe big cats hunting, but they can't dent this tide of new life. Njozi Camp is ideally located in Ndutu, privately tucked away and overlooking a wooded valley that teems with wild visitors. In the Ndutu area we are allowed to off-road drive and our team loves to take picnics and go out for full days (mid-days often lead to great cheetah sightings away from other vehicles) allowing us to explore and find more exclusive wildlife viewing.

This is one of our favorite times to visit the Mara. While most tourists are in Tanzania with the migration Kenya gets largely ignored. Most people don't realize that the Mara has its own Loita Migration of 200,000 wildebeest and they are also calving. You can get a microcosm of the great migration experience and take advantage of the incredible resident Mara wildlife, which is arguably unrivaled for big cats! Enaidura Camp is located in the heart of the Mara, well positioned to explore all the best areas. That said the area immediately around the camp is famed for leopards and recently lion-hyena battles have been common, making for some noisy nights.

Small Group Truly Means Small & Intimate

We often see group departures touting how they specialize in keeping it small, then go on to mention 16 or 20 people, etc. Our definition is quite different, our maximum is 8 guests for this special itinerary. Beyond that, our team includes 2 outstanding guides and vehicles throughout, so it is only 4 guests to a vehicle as well. This way you truly get personal attention and real time with the incredible guides that are sharing the experience with you.

This combination of exceptional guides and locations, small number of guests, and utilizing camps that are flexible to let the natural rhythms dictate the experience, leads to a remarkable safari experience!


D, B&B: Dinner, Bed and Breakfast

FI: Fully Inclusive

FB+: Full Board and Activities


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