15 Sep 2018 - 20 Sep 2018

The mountain lion/cougar (Puma concolor) is the America's ultimate cat, ranging from the Yukon in the North all the way down to the Southern Andes near the end of the South American continent. Seldom seen in most of its range, this cat is known for its ghost like qualities. Uniquely, far down in the Patagonia region of Chile where the great cat is known as a puma, there is a large population (estimated between 50 and 100 individuals) that has become visible. Here hunting was banned and the puma found sanctuary in the stunning Torres del Paine National Park. Over generations sightings increased until reaching a point of becoming very reliable. There can be no guarantee of finding such wide ranging and elusive cats, but a small handful of expert trackers have mastered the craft and are now finding puma almost daily. A flourishing prey base of guanaco, a llama like creature, draw puma down the mountains into visible areas. Not only do guanaco attract puma but they also call them out, with distinctive alarm calls that are easily picked up by the alert trackers who can then guide us in to view pumas - one of the most exceptional and surprising wildlife viewing opportunities on the planet. Beyond puma and guanaco there are some other wonderful species that are also sometimes seen and very relaxed, including hog-nosed skunk, hairy armadillo, Culepo fox, and huemul (a rare deer species).

Each day our search for puma is led by an expert team of an English speaking puma specialist guide, Roberto Donoso, and an exceptional puma tracker. Roberto's skill at tracking pumas is world-renowned and he has guided many of the top wildlife photographers. International big cat researcher Bill Given from The Wild Source is your Expedition Leader, and will coordinate with the Puma Team to ensure we maximize our opportunities for this remarkable journey.


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