This family safari is inspired by Disney's 2019 remake of its classic animated film, "The Lion King." 

You'll explore the Masai Mara Reserve, classic lion country, with a private guide who knows the individual cats and pride dynamics.  The Mara is quite likely the most productive wildlife viewing area in all of Africa, and a superb location for serious wildlife viewing and photography.  The area is unrivaled for sightings of big cats, has a great variety and quantity of species, and features dynamic scenery on a grand scale.  The Circle of Life will unfold on a daily basis, with opportunities to see the full menagerie of iconic species resident to the Mara, including the Big Five. The Mara is home to many famous lions who gained notoriety through documentary series like "Big Cat Tales" and "Big Cat Diaries."  You'll also visit the Mara North Conservancy, where lion numbers are not only healthy but increasing.

The finale of your family safari is the Laikipia area of Central Kenya.  Disney's animators visited Laikipia while searching for inspiration for "The Lion King," and the region's sweeping views and spectacular granite outcroppings provided inspiration for Pride Rock and the Pride Lands.  In addition to lions, this region also specializes in rare species such as African wild dogs, Grevy‚Äôs zebra and rhino.  Laikipia offers a variety of activities including day and night drives, walking and Samburu cultural visits.


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11 Days / 10 Nights

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