This safari takes advantage of the incredible green season specials in our favorite Botswana wildlife destinations, with luxurious accommodations and a wide variety of landscapes and activities. 

Northern Botswana is considered by many to be the premier safari destination. Wildlife sightings are astounding, camps are set in magical locations, service is supreme and the standard of guiding is very high. Due to the remote and wild nature of the camps you will have short flights between locations, an incredibly scenic way to change camps as you take in the scenery and can often spot wildlife below. This safari is customized to take advantage of the best opportunities for the season to observe the diverse wildlife in extremely rich habitat areas. Your camps are in private concession areas where you have access to exclusive wilderness, off-road driving, night drives, walking, and boating. These areas have a small number of guests traversing extremely large areas ensuring exclusive game viewing without the interference of hordes of other vehicles. The ability to go off-road creates opportunities for incredibly close viewing of predators. The camps selected enhance the game-viewing experience through their emphasis on top quality guides and trackers, which greatly increases your chance of finding unique wildlife sightings. The areas are beautiful with great variety of habitats and species, you will likely see between 30 and 35 different mammal species along with a spectacular array of birds and other wildlife.


B&B: Bed and Breakfast

FI: Fully Inclusive - Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities

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12 Days / 11 Nights

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